Tbilisi Free ZoneUnique business environment

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Apart from the benefits that Georgia gives to the investors, Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ) enjoys a long list of incentives.


  • Income of a Free Industrial Zone Enterprise is exempt from the Corporate Income Tax
  • Interest and Dividend paid by a Free Industrial Zone Enterprise is not taxed and is not included in the taxable income base of the receiver
  • Trade between the Free Industrial Zone Enterprises are exempted from the VAT
  • Free Industrial Zone Enterprises have no obligation to administer personal income tax of the employees
  • Free Industrial Zone Enterprises are not liable to asses and pay Reverse Charge VAT (RCVAT)
  • Export is exempted from VAT with the entitlement to tax credit
  • Property, including land, located in a Free Industrial Zone is exempted from property tax
  • Trade between a Free Industrial Zone Enterprise and a Georgian company is taxed at 4% of the invoice value


  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Low rental prices
  • Eligibility to national certificate of origin
  • Easy company set-up
  • Turn-key solutions
  • Low tariffs on electricity
  • Proximity to the largest labor pool of Georgia
  • Low licensing costs and simplified regulatory procedures
  • Low costs of utilities and communications
  • Facility management service

As a result, companies make significant tax savings on:

  • Corporate tax - 15% of the taxable profit base
  • Property tax - 1% of the average book value of property
  • Import tax - up to 18% of import value
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) - 18%
  • Dividend tax - 5%