Tbilisi Free ZoneUnique business environment

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TFZ operates under the Law of Georgia on Free Industrial Zones, which ensures some regulatory incentives for the registered companies. The following activities of a Free Industrial Zone Enterprise (FIZ Enterprise) do not require special licenses/permits:

  • Production/processing of food products for new-born babies and toddlers
  • Production/Transmission/Distribution of electricity
  • Distribution/Transportation of natural gas
  • Transit of products subject to veterinary control
  • Operation of dangerous activities
  • Local passenger transportation services
  • International shipments of products subject to international quotas
  • Clinical research and production of pharmacological products (medical products except for narcotic products)
  • First and second group pharmacy activities
  • Import of non-iodized salt

Construction permits are issued by TFZ according to simplified procedures.

Following activities are prohibited by law on the FIZ premises:

  • Manufacturing of weapons/arms and ammunition, trading arms and ammunition
  • Manufacturing of nuclear and radioactive substances, trading of nuclear and radioactive substances
  • Importing, storing, manufacturing and/or selling narcotic and psychotropic substances
  • Importing, storing, manufacturing and/or selling tobacco products and/or tobacco raw materials
  • Using a building for residential purposes
  • Importing, storing and manufacturing and/or selling excised goods

Relationship between the FIZ administrator and the FIZ Enterprise is regulated by the TFZ charter and the respective registration/licensing/lease agreement.