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Textile is Considered as the Number one Exporting Product from TFZ

Textile is Considered as the Number one Exporting Product from TFZ


General director of “Georgian Technology Park”, administrator company of Tbilisi Free Zone, does not specifies interested pharmaceutical and companies of light industry, but he has accurate news on the success of negotiations.

George Tabidze has declared about the interests of leading companies and stimulations of exports of the produced products at the presentation of TEZ. According to him, the process is at the rudimentary level. He considers textile as the number one exporting product from TFZ. He regards, that export encouraging campaign by the state is refined, and strengthened by the Free Trade Agreement with Europe.

Leasing companies produce exporting products in the Free Zone of 170 000 square m (strategic location, preferential tax regime, low lease fee; low operation expenditures).

The holder is BitFury Group, leading, fully integrated Bitcoin Blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company Development of the zone envisages location of virtual offices, the so-called “smart offices”. Tabidze focused attention on the successful project of data centre of Gldani, with investment budget of 20 million.