Tbilisi Free Zone

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Company Registration

Company Registration in Georgia

TFZ is a tax-free zone that allows for the establishment of FIZ Enterprises by both local and foreign individuals as well as legal entities. The process of company registration and tax registration in TFZ is streamlined under the “one window principle” by the Public Registry of Georgia.

One of the key advantages of TFZ is that there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of companies, in accordance with Georgia’s state laws. The regulations of TFZ also do not impose any limitations on ownership forms, providing flexibility for investors.

In the Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), recognized business structures include Individual Entrepreneur (IE), Branch Office, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Joint Stock Company (JSC), Limited Partnership (LP), and General Partnership (GP). These structures offer flexibility and options for establishing a presence in TFZ.

These business structures provide individuals and companies with flexibility and options when establishing their presence in TFZ.

Creating and Registering Your Company in Tbilisi Free Zone: A Simple Process

Application: Fill out and submit a straightforward

Documentation: Once approved, company documentation is prepared and submitted to the Public Registry of Georgia.

License Contract: After company registration, sign a mandatory license contract with TFZ.

Completed in 1 Day

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