Tbilisi Free Zone

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Intro to TFZ

TFZ: A Bureaucracy-Free Zone in Georgia for your Business Expansion

Tbilisi Free Zone, the only free zone in Tbilisi, offers businesses a unique opportunity to operate in a simple business operating environment with minimal bureaucracy. It represents the type of free zone envisaged by various Laws of Georgia where the business-friendly regulations and favorable tax/custom & regulatory system apply.

Here are TFZ's key characteristics:

100% Permanent Corporate Tax Exemption in Tbilisi Free Zone

One of the main advantages of TFZ is the 100% permanent exemption from all corporate taxes. Businesses operating within the free zone can enjoy tax savings. Dividends can be withdrawn in cash or transferred to the owner's bank account at any time, providing businesses with financial flexibility.

Exemption from Governmental Licenses/Permits

Businesses operating within TFZ are exempted from obtaining various licenses and permits typically required for certain activities, removing administrative burdens and saving time and costs.

Independence of Local Self-Government Bodies

TFZ operates independently of local self-government bodies such as City Hall and Municipalities resulting in practically no beaurocratic operations for its registered companies.

Flexible Currency Payments

Within TFZ, businesses registered in Georgia can carry out payments in any currency, eliminating the need for currency conversions and simplifying international transactions.

Simplified Customs Proceedings

Tbilisi Free Zone provides simplified customs procedures and has custom checkpoints conveniently located within the Zone, ensuring fast import and export operations for businesses.

Quota-Free and Tax-Free Trade Opportunities with EU, CIS, Turkey, CHINA & others

Companies located within Tbilisi Free Zone can benefit from the free trade agreements that Georgia has with the European Union (EU), Turkey, China, Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

These agreements allow manufacturing projects in TFZ to engage in quota-free and tax-free trade with these destination markets.

Tax Free Zone - Facilitating Global & Regional Trade and Manufacturing

TFZ is not an offshore, but it serves the goal to facilitate global & regional trade and manufacturing, information sharing and business outsource all for the benefit of entrepreneurs that cannot negotiate individual preferences with national governments.

 Above-listed operational advantages in conjunction with its convenient location gives extra inventive to the businesses that wish to expand their operations in the region and beyond.

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