Tbilisi Free Zone

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Types of Activities & Licenses

Licenses Required for Companies in Tbilisi Free Zone: A Comprehensive Guide

Industrial License

For companies involved in processing activities such as raw material processing, production, assembly/disassembly, packaging, and sale of final products.

Special Trading License

For companies involved in import-export, distribution, warehousing, and trade of a single type of product (e.g., construction materials, electrical equipment) without further processing.

General Service License

For multi-service provider companies.

General Trading License

For companies engaged in import-export, distribution, storage, and trade of multiple types of goods without further processing.

Service license

For companies providing a specific type of service. *

Important Note:

Free Zone enterprises are prohibited by law from providing services to resident companies of Georgia.

These licenses are mandatory for companies registered in the Tbilisi Free Zone and must be obtained to engage in various business activities. These are internal documents issued by the Tbilisi Free Zone administrator and require annual renewal. Make sure to comply with the licensing requirements as per your business activities in TFZ.

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