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Built-to-Suit Facilities in Tbilisi Free Zone

Tbilisi Free Zone offers built-to-suit facilities that meet the specific needs of our clients. Free Economic Zone’s new ownership has decided to pioneer the so-called “Plug-in & Play” Free Zone management model for all our tenants which means that Free Zone builds, connects, equips, and hands over new facilities in accordance with our clients’ needs. We offer Turn-key industrial & warehousing solutions that feature full needed accessories including lowest tariffs on electricity consumption with up to 25 mw electricity.

Land Plots for Construction

For those who prefer to construct their own facilities, the Tbilisi Free Zone offers competitively priced land plots in the region. With various industrial and warehousing options available, starting from as low as 1000 square meters, you have the freedom to create a facility that perfectly fits your business requirements. Long-term lease options are available for your convenience.

Brand New Ready Buildings for Immediate Use in the capital of Georgia

In addition to our custom-built facilities, TFZ constantly develops shared facilities that cater to the needs of all our tenants. Here are some key features of our brand-new ready buildings:

  • Minimum height of 5 meters

  • Starting from a minimum area of 50 square meters

  • Equipped with loading ramps for efficient operations

  • High-end spaces designed to combine functionality and cost-effectiveness

  • Administrative premises available for your convenience

  • Flexible rental durations, catering to both short-term and long-term warehousing needs

  • Flexible payment options to suit your financial preferences

  • All utilities connected for hassle-free functionality

Enhanced Solutions and Integrated Services for Tbilisi Free Zone Residents

The new management of Tbilisi Free Zone aims to gradually create better solutions for our residents, enabling them to spend less time hunting things down and more time getting things done. Within this spirit, as much as we care about providing facilities that look and feel top quality, our commitment goes deeper than that – TFZ has started to intensively integrate numerous on and off-site services that serve the operational well-being of our tenants.

  • Cargo loading/unloading
    Just give us a day's notice and our service staff will efficiently handle all types and volumes of cargo, using forklifts and manpower.
  • Customs brokerage
    Our partner brokers will swiftly prepare the necessary documents and clear your goods through customs within an hour.
  • Construction & Renovation
    Inside TFZ, we offer comprehensive project design, engineering, construction, and renovation services. Our fees are competitive, guarantees cost-effectiveness for our tenants.
  • Local Building Permits
    With TFZ, you can obtain building permits in as little as 3 days. Since TFZ operates independently from local government authorities, companies save significant time, energy, and resources.
  • Cleaning & Waste Management
    Maintaining a clean and well-managed environment is important to us at TFZ. We provide fast and affordable cleaning services for both industrial and household waste.
  • Facility Management Services
    Our extensive facility management services include 24/7 security, reliable high-speed internet support, infrastructure maintenance, and cargo receiving, storage, and release services. We aim to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our TFZ community.
  • Company registration
    We can register your company, even remotely, within 1 day. Just send us the necessary notarized or apostilled power of attorney and we will handle all the paperwork for you.
  • Bank account opening
    We provide fast and flexible bank account solutions for TFZ resident companies, both locally and internationally.
  • Certificate of Origin
    TFZ industrial/manufacturing companies are eligible for Georgia Certificates of Origin, allowing them to trade tax and quota-free with the EU, China, Turkey, Ukraine, and CIS countries. We can assist you in obtaining these certificates quickly and easily.
  • Financial & Accounting
    Our professional partners can help you smoothly manage your financials. The simplified operations at the Free Zone reduce your costs for these services.
  • Guidance through local requirements, procedures and technical information
    As your partners, we will provide guidance on all the requirements and procedures right from the start of your company in TFZ.
  • Relocation support
    We can guide and assist you in acquiring work and residential permits for your company employees. Your employees can become residents of Georgia within 10 days of the application.
  • Connections & Networking
    Whether you need local partners, HR support, legal advisory, logistics solutions, or liaising with government institutions, we are here to help. We can assist you with all your networking and support in needs.
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