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Project Profile

Tbilisi Free Zone: Better Path to Tax-Free Business Expansion

Since 2016, Tbilisi Free Zone is the only Tax-free Zone located in Tbilisi. TFZ includes 150 registered companies from the wide range of business sectors. License from the Government of Georgia guarantees a trustful service for businesses. Companies within TFZ are granted with an industrial & warehousing facilities, cost-effective operations, and immediate access to 80% of the skilled labor pool of Georgia.


In 2023, Zoti Holding, a group of Georgian & European entrepreneurs finalized the take-over of TFZ and immediately engaged in the rapid development program of the Free Zone. TFZ offers various operational licenses and flexible tenancy terms from simple land leases to turn-key development solutions customized to individual customer needs.

Under the new administration, the company has decided to pioneer a “Plug-in & Play” Free Zone management model for all customers, which means that TFZ builds, connects, equips, and hands over facilities following tenants’ needs and goes the extra mile to help out with legal, accounting and banking support, construction & renovation services, certificate of origin obtaining support, as well as business and employee reallocation services.

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Convenient location of Tbilisi Free Zone

The prime location of the Tbilisi Free Zone lies along the Tbilisi main cargo transit highway – a 20-minute drive from Tbilisi Airport and the bustling heart of the capital city Tbilisi. Moreover, Neighboring countries – Azerbaijan & Armenia borders are just 60-70 km away.

The location is very convenient and attracts local & international tenant companies to locate their export-oriented businesses in the bonded Tax-Free Zone of Tbilisi. This prime setting of TFZ enhances accessibility, enabling the seamless movement of goods and fostering swift connections to key destinations.

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Effortless Operations within Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ)

TFZ is a unique Economic Free Zone where the process of dealing with goods is much simpler. A businessman does not have to deal with a lot of complicated tax paperwork and long waits at customs which otherwise would take extra resources. TFZ is exterritorial and free of most national customs, trade, and financial regulations of Georgia. The Customs clearance point is located within the territory of the Tbilisi Free Zone and it assures business processes are running in a fast and smooth manner. There are no limitations on profit margins, its repatriation and collecting dividends with 0% tax is a very smooth process.

TFZ is well-prepared to welcome a spectrum of businesses spanning diverse industries whether it specializes in cutting-edge technology, trading, services, light industrial manufacturing, warehousing, or other sectors.

Join us and unlock unique potential for business in Tbilisi.

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თბილსის თავისუფალი ზონის დასრულებული და იჯარით გაცემული მრავალფუნქციური ობიექტი

Tbilisi Free Zone Quality Policy

Tbilisi Free Zone continuously improves the quality of the service and operations and serves as a free economic zone in Georgia. Quality service starts with the first contact with a potential customer who wants to register the company in Georgia, and to continue with full support of developing the business activities in the tax-free Zone.

Expertise and Experience: An accomplished management team is a guarantee of informed decisions, innovative effectiveness, and solutions discovered in the process of building Tbilisi Free Zone – customer comfort is a major focus of each member of our team therefore we continuously communicate, listen, think and make efforts to make the life of Tbilisi Free Zone community better.

European Standards: European cores strengthen a commitment to upholding the highest standards. We continuously provide services that stand at the forefront of quality and excellence with European practices related to Free Zones. International regulations and standards are non-negotiable for the TFZ team.

We achieve the mentioned policies in Free Zone with:

  • Developing framework and procedures for the services we offer

  • Permanent auditing the process

  • Listening customers’ feedbacks

თბილსის თავისუფალი ზონის დასრულებული და იჯარით გაცემული მრავალფუნქციური ობიექტი

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